Boat Docks

Would you like to see the complete selection of boat docks we have available as an authorized dealer of FLOE International products? Please click here to see why FLOE docks set the industry standard and are engineered for stability and safety.

Why FLOE Boat Docks are the best choice:

  • Aluminum Roll-In Docks

    FLOE's aluminum Roll-In Docks are easy to install and remove, rock solid and completely modular. They are ideal for medium to hard bottoms, mild to moderate slope and spacious shoreline areas.

  • Sectional Docks

    Sectional docks are the ideal solution if your dock stays in year-round, you have terrain not suited for a roll-in dock or you need to stack sections in minimal space during the off-season.

  • Floating Docks

    Floating docks work great if you have frequent water depth fluctuation, a soft or muddy bottom or deep water where a roll-in or sectional dock will not work.