Roll In & Stationary Docks

Reasons why more people buy FLOE modular roll-in aluminum boat docks than any other in the world!

  • Gorgeous shorefront appeal
  • Rock solid stability
  • Easiest to level
  • Modular design
  • Easiest to install and remove
  • For 32 years, FLOE’s quality and innovation have been and continue to be the benchmark for the dock and boat lift industry

Easy-Level™ Leveling System Easier, Faster, Smarter!

  • Effortlessly level each dock section independently from the top with a cordless drill or FLOE’s leveling tool.
  • “Topside” aluminum screw-jack system on each wheel kit versus one leveling system at the end of the dock with mid-section support posts
  • If one wheel drops into a hole or sinks into the mud, it can easily be leveled
  • Eliminates having to lift and level the heavy mid-section of a boat dock that uses potentially dangerous and unsightly support posts
  • Screw-jacks also eliminate winches, broken cables and binding pipes found on other docks
  • Topside adjustment hole is neatly finished with a flat plastic cap

FLOE’s secret to modular portability… Quick-Connects™ and Easy-Level™ wheel kits on every section.

Easier, Faster, Smarter!

  • Links modular dock sections together versus hard bolting.
  • Quickly add or disconnect sections.
  • Can be added anywhere to make it easy to create custom dock configurations such as slips.
  • Disconnected dock sections can be moved independently to make installation and removal easy.
  • In the “Locked” position dock sections are held securely in place and close together.
  • In the “Transport” position dock sections have a gap so they can pivot. This allows multiple sections to be pulled in and out of the water with ease.

Double Braced Easy-Level™ Support Legs

  • Roll-in Dock sections are safer because they are more stable with double bracing on each wheel kit.
  • Eliminates the side-to-side sway common with other docks.
  • More rigid and durable than other lake docks that use vertical non-braced pipes especially when transporting over rough terrain.
  • No high maintenance cable or chain to tension.
  • Kits are available to accommodate water depths up to 8 1/2 feet.

Multiple Anti-Sway Wheel Kits

  • Wheel kits on every section versus one at the end of a long dock eliminates stress on long, unsupported mid sections
  • Easier to lift the shore-end of the dock when installing and removing
  • You lift less than half of the weight of one section no matter how long your dock is
  • Add a shore-end wheel kit to eliminate lifting when you roll your dock in and out

Wheel and Sand Pad Choices

  • Standard wheel is drilled and fills with water for ballast. The standard wheel is for use in seasonal and permanent applications. Works best in firm to moderately soft applications where the anticipated settling will be no greater than 6″ into dense mud.
  • Mud wheel is not drilled and adds buoyancy to ease installation and removal. The mud wheel should only be used in dense mud applications where the anticipated settling will be more than 4″.
  • Sand pad is available for installations where portability is not a concern and/or a necessity. Wide-based sand pads provide substantial support and stability. The sand pads pivot to conform to changing bottom contours.

Dock Structure

  • Bridge-Type Truss
  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio available
  • Open design allows large waves to flow through the dock section rather than pounding against it
  • Webbing is welded on the inside for a sharp clean appearance